June 17, 2014

The Voice of Segrate thrills Usa

English Translation

One year ago, we left her few days before her concerts “Revolution of Love” and now we found her

again close to a great new date: a concert at the Dante Alighieri Society, the cultural center in the

heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cristina Vaira, 30 years old from Segrate, keep charming

Americans with her voice. The Degree at the Berklee College of Music and the Green Music School,

prepared her for debut in United States, where she also found her love. With her Mexican partner

Alejandro Ramirez Cisneros, Cristina created a band called “The Pillars” and produced a video, which

has been promoted online on their Youtube channel. “This project is based on an ancient African

proverb that says – If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together – The band is the

voice of a philosophy that believes that when you share pains they divide, and when you share joy it

multiplies. My life changed forever when I recognized that my career was around on following fame

and I couldn’t see the real beauty of life: share this incredible journey with someone”. The live debut of

Cristina and Ramirez is going to be this Saturday June 21st on the stage dedicated to the Italian poet,

which celebrate 100 years of the promotion of Italian treasures and culture in US. For the occasion,

the Italian singer, called to represent Italy, will sing for the Mayor of Boston Martin Walsh and the

Italian Consul Giuseppe Pastorelli. More notorious people will be part of the event: Professors from

Harvard, MIT and Berklee College of Music and Nicola Orichuia, assignment editor of the

“Bostoniano”, the most popular Italian magazine in Boston. “It will be a priviledge for us to play at this

event and we can’t wait!” told us Cristina few days before the concert.

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