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"Esperanza" by Jandro Cisneros

Libertà, Libertad! by Jandro & Cristina

Music Composition and Video Production by Jandro Cisneros

Main Theme of the award-winning documentary “Nunc Coepi (Now I Begin)”

Music and Video Production by Jandro Cisneros

Music Commissioned by the Mexican Consulate in Boston

Jandro Cisneros - CHIAPAS [Official Video]

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by Jandro Cisneros featuring Cristina Vaira

The Pillars "first single" – Music Video filmed at Fenway, Boston

Music and Video Production by Jandro Cisneros

Music Composition by Jandro Cisneros

Music Composed for the Tecnológico de Monterrey a Numen Media Production

Music Composition by Jandro Cisneros

Music Composed for the Tecnológico de Monterrey a Numen Media Production


2022 Berklee Encore Gala Fundraising Video

Video Filmed and Produced by Jandro Cisneros

How to Setup Kontakt as a Multi-timbral Instrument in Logic Pro X

Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

2021 Berklee Encore Gala: Why You, Why Now?

Video Filmed and Produced by Jandro Cisneros

In-Ear-Monitors and Live Recording system | Jandro Cisneros

Video produced and system built by Jandro Cisneros

Warby Parker Co-Founder and Co-CEO Neil Blumenthal to speak at Tufts 2020 Commencement

Motion Design and Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

Rise Up (Live Cover) by Cristina Vaira

Music and Video Produced and Audio Engineering by Jandro Cisneros

The MFA from SMFA at Tufts - Discover Who You Are

Video produced by Jandro Cisneros

That Feeling - Official Berklee City Music Anthem

Video Filmed and Produced by Jandro Cisneros


Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

The Award Winning "Verona Quartet"

Video produced by Jandro Cisneros

Javier Limón & Iberia Friends - 'Volando'

Music Video Filmed by Jandro Cisneros for the Grammy Award Winner Javier Limón and IBERIA

Dangerous Ideas | Daniel Dennett

Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

Tufts Brighter World Campaign Celebration

Filmed, Edited and Sound by Jandro Cisneros

A conversation with Bryan Stevenson

Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

Explaining the Tufts University Endowment

Motion Design and Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

"I can be so many things" – Darynn Dean

Video Series Produced by Jandro Cisneros

Andrew Boudreau: No Great Mischief

Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

Five Things to Know about Tufts

Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

Professional String Quartet Program at NEC

Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

Imagine what you can achieve! – Welcome to the NEC

Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros

W.A Mozart: "Madamina, il catalogo è questo" (Don Giovanni)

Audio and Video Produced by Jandro Cisneros for the New England Conservatory


  • A.R. Rahman

    A.R. Rahman

  • Gloria Estefan

    Gloria Estefan

  • Christian Scott

    Christian Scott

  • Guthrie Govan

    Guthrie Govan

  • Barbara Padilla

    Barbara Padilla


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Jandro Cisneros

Jandro Cisneros

“We are obsessed with the lyrical art of Jandro Cisneros. We are inspired by his message and his music. We are obsessed by his work and his words. We are empowered to do more and be better thanks to his gift and his dedication to his craft. And above all, we are grateful for the beautiful art that he has created for us to enjoy” – BeLatina News

Creative genius Alejandro Ramirez-Cisneros, also known as Jandro Cisneros, is an internationally known artist, professional music producer and songwriter, film and video producer, motivational public speaker and Berklee College of Music Professor from Monterrey, Mexico. Before he moved to Boston, USA in 2011 to study Music Production/Audio Engineering and Film Scoring at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, he completed, in Mexico, a degree in Mass Communication with a concentration on Film, TV, and Radio from the Tecnologico de Monterrey University, and earned his diploma in Classical Guitar Performance from the Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey.

He created and hosted a radio show called ‘The Lighthouse of Heaven’ in FrecuenciaTEC 94.9FM which ran for 4 years, eventually bringing the show to the BIRN, Berklee Internet Radio Network which aired for another couple of years. Jandro also gained experience in television by working as a TV production assistant, reporter, and music composer for a couple of TV shows, “Studio” & “Opción Múltiple” for the Mexican TV network Televisa Monterrey, composing the music for both shows. Jandro graduated on May 10th, 2014, from Berklee College of Music with a dual degree in Music Production and Film Scoring, what Jandro considers “the best Mother’s Day gift” that he could have ever given to his mother, an award-winning Doctor and survivor of domestic violence. 

Jandro has scored multiple award winning short-films and documentaries, two of them directed by Fr. John Wykes, OMV – “Shot by Shot – The Magic of Moviemaking, and “Nunc Coepi – The Life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri,” winner of the best film award at the Auckland Film Festival in New Zealand and featured on national TV in Italy and the Vatican. He has also worked as videographer for HBO’s documentary On Tour with Asperger’s Are Us, as well as worked with international recording artist such as Lauren Hashian (Dwayne Johnson’s wife), Musiq Soulchild, Jazz Boston, Grammy winner Javier Limón, Grammy nominee David Liebman, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Ben Wright and Thomas Rolfs, Verona Quartet, and Oscar Winner A.R. Rahman to name a few. 

Jandro Cisneros had founded The Pillars Productions LLC, a production company created with the mission of producing uplifting media content, both for visual media and audio. As well as co-founded with his wife a band called Jandro & Cristina, formerly The Pillars, Boston’s latest international musical project based on the proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far go together.”

In 2019, Jandro Cisneros released two music singles, “Self-Respect” and “Adiós Resentimientos,” receiving national and international recognition. He was awarded and named 2019 artist-in-residence by UR.2 Global, an organization whose mission is to assist in uplifting the global self-esteem of the world’s people via the performing arts, and he’s the first Mexican to obtain such distinction. In 2020 Jandro released the music single “Liberta, Libertad!” with his wife Cristina Vaira, for their duo project Jandro & Cristina, a song composed to provide support to families struggling with 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic. They were both invited right after to speak at the “United Nations Women Film Festival” to provide their insights around the challenges of COVID-19 for working artists/parents.

In 2021 Jandro produced a new single called “Confío en Ti, Señor” which got immense success in Mexico, and featured at prestigious and distinguished international media outlets such as, La Jornada, El Universal, Reforma, Il Giornale, Diario de México, BeLatina News, El Norte, Estilo DF, InfoBaja, among many others.

In 2022 Berklee College of Music invited Jandro Cisneros to join as professor and faculty member in the Contemporary Writing and Production department, where he teaches advanced music production, among many other music production courses. He is also currently working as the Senior Multimedia Producer for the renowned Tufts University, as well as continuing with the production and composition of the new album, both for his duo Jandro & Cristina, and his solo project Jandro Cisneros.


  • Lydia Liebman

    Lydia Liebman

    "Over the past several years, I've worked with Jandro Cisneros on several projects in many different capacities. He impresses me every time. He consistently delivers high-quality work in a timely manner and above all, is very easy to collaborate with. When I need a film professional, Jandro is always my first call."

    Lydia Liebman
    Founder, President, Lydia Liebman Promotions
  • Arin Canbolat

    Arin Canbolat

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Jandro for the past 4-plus years, from when he was a student employee at City Music to now City Music hiring him and his company, The Pillars Productions, to do audio and video work. In any project Jandro takes on he will always give it his all and that shows as the caliber of his work is excellent. He is one of the best I have worked with for audio and visual productions, and as a musician himself, is keenly attuned to music productions. His attitude is one the best there is; he is always so positive and so uplifting and there is no challenge that is too big. He and his team always persevere!

    Arin Canbolat
    General Manager, School of Jazz and Contemporary Music , The New School
  • Ludovica Burtone

    Ludovica Burtone

    Working with Jandro is a combination of high professionalism and comfort. He knows how to make you feel at home to give your best performance.

    Ludovica Burtone
    Professional Violinist, ludovicaburtone.com
  • Fr. John Wykes, OMV

    Fr. John Wykes, OMV

    “The talent of Jandro Cisneros was evident even when he was studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston.  I hired him to do the piano-based score for a documentary I did back in 2012 (“Shot by Shot – The Magic of Moviemaking”).  When thinking of the music for Nunc Coepi, his was the first name to come to mind.  Jandro’s tremendous enthusiasm for the project was evident in our Skype meetings, and his love for the film and for its subject are evident in his music.  I am happy to say that everyone who has seen the film so far has the highest praise for Jandro’s excellent music score.  His talent truly brings the film to life.”

    Fr. John Wykes, OMV
    Co-Producer & Director - "Nunc Coepi: The Life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri", Oblates of the Virgin Mary


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